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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my website. I am a software engineer based in Bangalore, India.

The journey started with an effort to loose weight in May 2012 from my then weight of 100+ Kgs. Having never engaged in any sport in my entire 30+ years of life, I took up the Couch to 5K program and was amazed at myself that I could run non stop for 30 minutes within a couple of months.

Bought a bicycle to add some variety and started commuting to office (around 6 Km one way) twice a week. Completed a few running races and started training for my first full marathon which I completed in Feb 2013. Enrolled in beginner swimming classes in Dec 2012 with a far fetched dream of participating in triathlons.

August 2013 was my first ever triathlon (Thonnur triathlon, sprint distance) and also my first open water swim. Since then, I have “graduated” to completing IRONMAN New Zealand in March 2014 (results), although I barely beat the 17 hour cut-off.

I am currently training for my next IRONMAN event in 2015. Through this blog, I hope to capture my training journey and provide some tips to fellow triathletes.

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